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Meet, Instructor Toni McAdoo

Meet our night classes instructor Toni McAdoo who is a Dual License Esthetician and also a Dual Licensed Esthetics Instructor in North Carolina and South Carolina. Toni has over 20 years in the beauty industry with makeup, her first love. Toni has worked in healthcare for the last 17 years. Working in healthcare gave her a leading edge on understanding the body and how products work within the body. Toni takes pride in her advanced practices for taking care of multicultural skin and also helping to rejuvenate skin after long-term effects of neglect. She enjoys giving people back their confidence while educating them on how to take care of their skin.

We are so lucky to have a person like Toni at VTran Beauty Academy. Call us at (704)523-4834 to schedule a tour of our facilities or visit us to learn more

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