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How to apply/Register

Congratulations on taking the time to research your education. We recommend that you come for a school and a 1-1 consultation so we can dive deep into your interests, schedule, payment plan and lifestyle to clear expectations on both sides so when you are enrolled, you just focus on acquiring the knowledge and perfecting the skills needed to create a life you’ll love. You must be at least 16 years old and have a government issued ID.   

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In Person

Please call or message us at 704-523-4834 to arrange a time for a private tour or to complete the registration process. International Students V Tran Beauty Academy is proud to welcome all citizens that live in the US as well as those that are on a visa/passport from another country. We do require that you have either a current ID or a current visa/passport from your country. Any questions or concerns in regards to ID documentations, please schedule for an in-person consultation and we will do our best to assist and consult you through the application process. 

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Requirements Language 

What if I do not speak English? Will I still be able to pass the state exams and get my license? Our state theory exams are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean. Also, our training is structured so that the language barrier will not be a hindrance to your study nor your skill. Our school specializes in training students from various ethnicities and has challenges with the language barrier.   

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Online Courses  

NC Stateboard approved a maximum of 30% of the course can be online and 70% must be in class. Online is an option not a requirement.   

V Tran Beauty will work with each potential student to choose the best weekly or monthly payment option. 

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